Interest groups

Based on different research foci, a variety of interdisciplinary interest groups have established themselves under the umbrella of ZPE. Continuous cooperation with scientists serves professional exchange and the implementation of joint research projects. If you are interested in the work of one of the groups listed here, please contact us.

Inclusive community planning

Turnus: monthly
Issues of community planning play an important role in numerous projects of ZPE members. The interest group discusses project ideas, project work and plans joint publications.
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Rohrmann

Inclusive child and youth care

Turnus: monthly
Within the framework of the interest group, questions of the inclusive further development of professional pedagogical assistance for young people and parents are discussed in a broad and critical perspective, with practices of disability in particular serving as a starting point to illuminate fundamental requirements, contradictions and areas of tension in social work.
Contact person: Miriam Düber

International Cooperation – Social Inclusion – Social Services

Turnus: monthly
The interest group ‘International Cooperation – Social Inclusion – Social Services’ deals with systems and structures of social protection and social services in countries of the so-called Global South and contexts of International (Development) Cooperation. The group’s  research and development activities focus on actors, structures and planning processes at the local level, while considering their interplay with regional, national and international structures. The group works with stakeholders from academia, civil society, and government.
Contact person: Lars Wissenbach

Research workshop

Turnus: 1-3 months
The “Research workshop” offers doctoral and postgraduate researchers the opportunity to engage in a professional exchange on their own current research work in a relaxed setting. One focus is on joint work on empirical material. In principle, the working group is open to different forms of work, thematic diversity and new members.
Contact person: Constance Remhof


Turnus: Unregular
The interest group coordinates the maintenance of the common internet presence of the ZPE. The subject of the work is technical and content-related aspects. The format ensures that technical issues are tied back to content requirements.
Contact person: Dr. Martin F. Reichstein