ZPE Report 2022/2023 published

The last ZPE report was published just over two years ago. In the current issue, we now look back on the years 2022 and 2023. In the past two years, a lot has happened in and around our centre. In September 2022, our center changed its name to “Center for Planning and Development of Social Services”. Our renaming reflects the changes that we as a research centre have undergone over the past – now more than – 25 years. Also in September 2022, the ZPE officially became part of Faculty II of our university.

The report begins with an overview of the development of the ZPE during the reporting period. This is followed – as usual – by a list of the members, the Executive Board and the management of the ZPE. Current projects of our members and events in which they were involved during the reporting period are also presented. The main part of this report consists of twelve texts from various areas of ZPE’s work. They highlight established and new areas of research at our center as well as perspectives for the future.

The new ZPE report is now available for download as a PDF at https://u-si.de/7rjWM. On behalf of the ZPE and its members, I wish you happy and relaxing holidays and a good and healthy start to the New Year!

Dr. Martin F. Reichstein (Managing Director of the ZPE)

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